The deadline for submitting new projects comes once per quarter: January 15, April 15, July 15, and October 15. All submissions must be received by midnight on the deadline date. Late submissions will not be considered.

Please contact us if your need for sponsorship is urgent and falls outside of these set deadlines. 

Fiscal sponsorship application consists of:

  • Application form 
  • Budget (as .pdf attachment) 
  • Work Sample 
  • Application Fee

Please email us if you have questions:

As a fiscally sponsored project of SDF you are entitled to make one disbursement request per month. SDF recommends that you request your balance from us prior to making the disbursement request. Your funds will be available for disbursement two weeks from the SDF deposit date.


1.     Fill out the disbursement form here at Submittable.

2.     If it’s your first request make sure to submit a W9 with the request. 

Disbursement checks must be made payable to an LLC or business checking account. For folks who don’t have an LLC you’ll need to make sure you have a business checking account set up in the name of the project with your bank prior to making a disbursement request. SDF cannot write checks to individual project directors. We also don’t pay your vendors directly.

3.     Submit the proper reporting:

Anticipated Expenses – Each time you make a disbursement request you must submit an outline of what the funds will be used for.

Previous Expenses – You must also report on the actual expenses paid for with your previous disbursement funds. Examples of this reporting are a Quickbooks P&L for the specific date range that covers the expenses incurred.

We need a report on previous expenses with the following detail:

Payee name

Check number and date

Purpose/description of the service/expense and budget category

Is there a balance forward? For example, you previously received a disbursement for $5,000 but only have expenses so far totaling $4,000. You will need to note a balance forward on your report and include actual reporting on that remaining $1,000 balance with your next disbursement. 

Ends on March 31, 2017
As a fiscal sponsor, SDF is obligated to keep up-to-date information for all our projects. With over 50 documentaries on the roster, receiving timely and complete reports is critical. This online system should make filing your progress reports easy and efficient.

Please note: ALL current projects must file, in all stages of production, regardless of whether any funds have been raised.

When are progress reports due? Once yearly on January 15th.  This year we have extended the deadline to January 31st.

Late Reports: Progress reports received after the January 31st deadline are considered late. A late fee of $25 is required for all reports submitted within two weeks after the deadline. You will need a special late progress report link to submit. 

**The $25 late fee will be added to your annual $50 artist service fee.   Both of these fees can be paid together via PayPal by following the link below:

Termination: If a report is over two weeks late (past February 29th), sponsorship will be put on hold while Staff reviews the project status, with possible termination of sponsorship. The fee to reinstate the project in this stage is $50.

Directions: Please answer each section completely, and be sure to provide the most current information about your project, including a current budget and expense detail.